Mission success.
I’ve had a lucid dream almost every night this last week. On some nights I even had several. Obviously, I feel that I’ve reattained my ability to lucid dream. I’m a bit surprised to see how quickly I’ve progressed. I couldn’t be more pleased.
Not only am I pleased with my lucid dream performance so far, my training inspired me to develop a new course product too.

I like to design a specialized product intended for experienced lucid dreamers who know about every lucid dream technique out there, but somehow keep failing to go beyond their occasional lucid dream.

As for me, these last few weeks did not revolve around perfecting my execution of MILD or WILD. It revolved around getting into the right mindset. I expect that this insight can greatly benefit frustrated lucid dreamers.

These lucid dreamers don’t need to be reminded of classic lucid dream techniques. They know these classics inside out. They also don’t need to be reminded of the importance of dream journaling or doing plenty of Reality Tests every day. They know.

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28 JUN

It’s my fourth week of training already. Time flies.
Lucid dreaming bed
I had four amazing lucid dreams this week and today I will share one of them with you. 
Although I had a few lucid dreams in my second and third week of training, these lucid dreams were only brief and so didn’t provide me with much time to explore and really get things going. 

I improved on that this week.

This time around I had several 10-minute lucid dreams that gave me the time to really get rooted in my dreams. I’ve explored various dream settings, ranging from deserted wastelands to tropical islands and crowded cities. I even started with dusting off my dream control abilities too.

Allow me to share one of my lucid dreams with you. One that I much enjoyed having and that also demonstrates a few interesting dream control techniques that perhaps might help you in your next lucid dreams.

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