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Unlock your hidden lucid dream potential by starting this advanced audiobook course today!

  • Tackle the 5 most common mental blocks
  • Develop and implement a lucid mindset
  • Re-ignite your motivation to lucid dream
  • Adopt advanced routines to evoke lucidity
  • Rehearse dreams with guided meditations

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From regular to frequent lucid dreaming

So, you're a regular lucid dreamer.

Yet you didn't enjoy the number and kind of lucid dreams that you aspired to enjoy someday when you started it all. You've surfed the web to get your hands on the latest lucid dream techniques and wearables that promised you instant results.

Unfortunately, no breakthroughs.

You still long for more frequent and powerful lucid dreams that will profoundly impact your life. What are you doing wrong?

Develop and implement a lucid mindset

Frequent lucid dreaming isn't just about knowing induction techniques by heart. It isn't about frantically practicing Reality Tests, MILD and WBTB either.

No matter how often you go about journaling your dreams, doing sleep interruptions or tracking recurrent dreamsigns, lucid dreaming is just as much (or perhaps even more so) about adopting the right mindset.

A 'lucid mindset' that is composed of essential beliefs and attitudes toward lucid dream induction. A mindset that can easily be trained, but is often overlooked or mistakingly underrated in most lucid dream courses.

Perhaps similar to your personal struggles, many lucid dreamers have come to know the frustration of investing much time and effort into giving a wide range of lucid dream techniques a try without achieving any consistent results over time. Some dreamers have even come to discard their entire practice because of their inability to succeed with frequent lucid dreaming.

It might not be surprising how this frustration, over time, leads dreamers to develop misconceptions about lucid dream induction that ultimately keep them from tapping into their true lucid dream potential.

If you fail to expect your lucid dreams to come — because of common mental blocks that restrain you from attaining lucid dream mastery — you simply expect to fail and unlikely have lucid dreams anytime soon.

Overcome your mental blocks

In our unique audiobook course, you are not reminded of classic lucid dream techniques. We also don't remind you of the importance of dream journaling or doing plenty of Reality Tests every day. We expect you to already know these induction methods and routines inside out.

Rather, this comprehensive and personal course provides you with essential insight into the psychological preparations that are required for frequent lucid dreaming. Including a total of 24 high quality audio tracks, covering a total of 72 minutes of evidence-based learning content, lucid dream expert Tim Post will inspire and guide you toward greatly improving your current lucid dream performance.

Tim will provide insight into common mental obstacles, advanced lucid dream techniques, mindset development, and invites you to join him on his guided lucid dream meditations that help you to get the most out of your personal lucid dream adventures to come. During this course, Tim will also help to identify and clarify your personal lucid dream goals and provide practical tips that enable you to empower your lucid dreaming routines.

If you feel that it's time to re-ignite your lucid dream practice, really make it count this time. Use our Advanced Audiobook Course to get started today!

Narrated by Tim Post

This audiobook course is designed and narrated by lucid dream expert Tim Post. Tim is a dynamic and experienced speaker, known for his inspirational and informed teachings on lucid dreaming, as well as his ability to engage students in their lucid dream practice.

He has taught many international audiences how to have lucid dreams and pursue psychological development through the power of lucid dreaming.

He has had countless lucid dreams, used the state to gain profound lucid dream experiences, and developed a deep understanding of how to apply the underlying principles of lucid dreaming to enhance everyday life experience.

As the founding director of Snoozon, Tim has trained countless individuals, ranging from regular groups of men and women, university students, business professionals, to inmates at federal prisons and the physically impaired. His programs have been held in a variety of locations, from community centers and college lecture halls to conference centers and resorts.

Tim's lucid dream teaching is acknowledged by world-renowned lucid dream researcher, author and teacher Dr. Stephen LaBerge. Tim and Stephen have jointly hosted an international weekend seminar on lucid dreaming some time ago. Please have a look at Tim's talk on lucid dreaming at TEDx to get a sense of his expertise and style. Tim is also contributor of the international two-volume book set Lucid Dreaming: New Perspectives on Consciousness in Sleep.

Are you a lucid dream beginner?

While this audiobook course includes several advanced lucid dream induction techniques, it does not provide listeners with basic, structured learning content on how to have lucid dreams. If you're interested in learning lucid dreaming first, please have a look at our Online Course in Lucid Dreaming instead.

Target audience

  • Young and old
  • Experienced lucid dreamers looking to further accelerate their lucid dream performance
  • Prior knowledge and experience concerning lucid dreaming strongly recommended. We kindly refer you to our Online Course in Lucid Dreaming
  • Audiobook tracks are narrated in English

Audiobook track listing

  • Introduction
  • Come Clean
  • Set Up a Reward System
  • Lucid Dreams Don't Really Exist
  • Revisit the Fundamentals
  • Mental Block 1: I Can't Lucid Dream
  • Create Your Personal Power Mantra
  • Envision Your Ultimate Lucid Dream
  • Guided Lucid Dream 1: How to Turn and Remain Lucid
  • Mental Block 2: Lucid Dreaming is Difficult
  • Develop the Power to Autosuggest Success
  • Implement Bedtime Meditations
  • Guided Lucid Dream 2: How to Explore Lucid Dreams
  • Mental Block 3: Lucid Dream Mastery is About Knowledge
  • Adopt a Lucid Dream Lifestyle
  • Set Up Daytime Prospective Memory Training Routines
  • Guided Lucid Dream 3: How To Control Dreams
  • Mental Block 4: Lucid Dreaming is a Nighttime Activity
  • Develop Mindfulness during Dreaming and Waking
  • Practice the Lucid DayDreaming (LDD) Technique
  • Guided Lucid Dream 4: How to Free Roam
  • Keep Track of Your Progress
  • Guided Lucid Dream 5: How to Resolve Lucid Nightmares
  • Closing Words

Audio specifications

  • Total size: 553 MB
  • Total time: 72 minutes
  • Sound quality: 128kbps, stereo
  • Kind: MP3

System requirements

  • Compatible with any MP3 music player (PC or portable music players, such as iPod, iPhone and iPad)
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows

We are experienced teachers

We have trained countless people from all over the world how to have lucid dreams and pursue psychological development through the power of lucid dreaming. Including professional athletes, musicians and artists, the physically impaired, and people suffering from nightmares.

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